Organic Stevia

Healthier products that meet the highest standards

Organic foods are healthier because they meet the highest standards of agri-food production. This ensures that they are free of agrochemicals and other substances harmful to health.

Stevia is a completely natural alternative to sugar cane and artificial sweeteners.

Stevia is a plant from Paraguay and northern Brazil. It is 30 times sweeter than sugar cane, and has properties that are extremely favorable to health. Its sweetness comes from an active ingredient called rebaudioside.
Traditionally, indigenous people added dried stevia leaves to sweeten yerba mate (a traditional drink), teas, food and medicine. The leaves were sometimes chewed for their sweet taste, too.

We encourage people to use Stevia because of its entire history of safety. Stevia regulates blood glucose levels; which make it ideal for diabetics and people who take special care of their health.

  • Mayan Sweet Stevia is full of minerals, protein,fiber, chlorophyl, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins.
  • They are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness goes. They are superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients.
  • It´s the only Stevia in the market that offers high nutrients, sweetness and flavor
  • All people including children, diabetics and pregnant women can consume Mayan Sweet Stevia, as it is a sweet organic plant.
  • Mayan Sweet Stevia products are healthy , free of chemical agents and, low environmental footprint and responsible with their environment.
  • 1 g Mayan Sweet Stevia = 35g of Sugar
    1 g Mayan Sweet Stevia = 6g of Artificial Sweeteners