a Healthier Alternative

What are the benefits of Organic Stevia?

Mayan Sweet Stevia was created with the purpose of helping you to have a healthier life.
We bring to your table the possibility of eating well, feeling good and enjoying the sweet side of life. Our foods are real- organic, not processed and without additives or preservatives.
We are a healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners.

A better choice

Stevia regulates blood glucose levels; which make it ideal for diabetics and people who take special care of their health.

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  • As a distributor I am continually asked by vendors for additional orders of Best Organic Stevia products. I use the Chai Tea myself.
    Jennifer Lee
  • We have been selling the Best Organic Stevia brands in our stores locally for more than a year now and they are quite popular.
    Brandon Ross
  • Mayan stevia is all I have been using. Since I bought my first jar I have not gone back to sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    Sara Wright